HP Officejet Pro 8600 Wireless Setup

  • Initially go with the network connectivity setup that includes network name and network password and other connecting accessories; now go with the basic setup on internet access to enhance with the effective setup through HP printers.
  • Further on router setup, make the placing as possible near the computer for the effective network access on connectivity.
  • Next go with the printer settings, now press the wireless button on the printer and run with the alternative wireless setup box options, through wireless wizard settings.
  • On the wireless wizard setting option, go with the selection of network, by making a gentle touch on to the screen; if not available make manual settings on the network list.
  • Finally on the installation of software to the HP Officejet Pro 8600 and make a status ON, over your printer and move with software and driver download and followed with printer option, in the case of any change, go with change option.
  • It is done with clicking on download option on driver or by HP Basic driver option.

123.hp.com/ojpro8600 wireless protected setup

1.Auto wireless connect

2.WiFi Protected Setup

3.Push/Pin button mode

4.Wi-Fi Direct Setup

Auto Wireless Connect

  • Initially go with the normal setups for the auto wireless connection with network name, network password and other needed requirements for the user details to initial setups process.
  • Mean while, go with network connection and printer connection on the same network for the wireless connection purpose, and disconnect the Ethernet and other setups after the procedure.
  • On the control panel which is displayed, go with wireless option and followed with wireless settings and wireless wizard settings and connect to the available network.
  • Now, go with the installation of software’s support.hp.com/driver and other user needed setups through the HP printers.
  • Go with installations and through the driver and software setups completely, for the auto wireless setup.
  • Finally go with the setup procedure of auto-wireless connection through active network checking and followed by printer list, and check with your model printer and click change, if necessary, or else go with driver heading and move with basic driver options in ojpro8600 wireless.

WiFi Protected Setup

  • First check with connection of printer, if WPS setup, go with a simpler setup to connect the wireless printer to the router for the better connections and specifications on the setup panels for the protection initially.
  • Go with the control panel settings and here, press the wireless setup to connect with router and connecting systems in 123.hp.com/ojpro8600 wireless. Make sure about the wireless connectivity efficiency and range of steady over the connected network or else support with other network periodically.
  • Here on doing this, hold it till the permanent blink of light on the setup of HP printers. Here it is done to check the run-up of the connected network for the better connectivity.
  • Now, on the wireless router panel, go with wireless, to connect with printer setup network.
  • On the printer wireless protected setup menu, go with push button setup and followed by clicking on start button, simultaneously press WPS option on the printer.
  • Finally the network connected is with the Wi-Fi protected setup with available network.

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Push/Pin button mode

  • Initially check with the acceptance of WPS push button on the printer and wireless router for the better connectivity.
  • On the wireless router, go with physical WPS push button with respect to the connections of other mode buttons on printers and wireless router.
  • Here on the WPS push button tab, go with WPA, WPA2 security checkup for the connections.
  • Here, default name and no security are used for the WPS multi connections with push button mode through HP printers.
  • For PIN mode method, go with the specification of PIN for the location on the configuration page.
  • Now, hold the wireless button for a while of 3 sec on the printer control panel setting options.
  • Now, for the access purpose the software and configuration page to the router will be opened, their go with WPS PIN, which is on the configuration page.
  • Finally after this process in 123.hp.com/ojpro8600 wireless, wait a while for the successful connectivity of the wireless which is indicated by blinking of light, on finally done with complete status of ON.
Wi-Fi Direct Setup
  • Initially, go with the setup of HP wireless or Wi-Fi direct on the control panel.
  • Now, ensure the position of status, where the Wi-Fi setup must be under ON state for the better performance and connectivity of Wi-Fi direct setup through HP printers.
  • Further go with the specification for WPA2 and the mobile or computer connected to it will prompt with password. Make a strong password with respect to the status of Wi-Fi direct or wireless setting ON.
  • Finally with the installation of required software for the user, move on with the further option for connectivity setup.
  • On the connectivity panel, choose wireless for the connection purpose from the printer software UI, respectively.
  • On the other hand we have alternative choice of connecting the Wi-Fi direct on printers by simply giving start followed by program and through HP models and printer software and setups.
  • On this panel, go with connect new printers, and followed by wireless and click next.
  • Finally, it will provide you the list of printers, now connect to the desired printer model and complete the software installation.